Dixon Creative, LLC was created by glass artist, Karen Dixon and her family.  Karen has been teaching fused glass classes in Alabama since 2009. Most recently teaching at the Birmingham Museum of Art. While at BMA Karen realized she really wanted to teach more often and offer opportunities for people to progress in the craft.  Dixon searched the area for an artist co-op that might work but nothing was quite what she needed. So, the planning for the studio began with husband Tom, son Jess and Daughter-in-law Darcy. The Dixon family is excited to open their studio and offer fused glass and craft classes for children and adults.
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The glass I use in all of my work comes from the Bullseye Glass Company in Portland, Oregon. I use Bullseye products because of the high quality of the glass, the extensive color palette, the variety of accessory glass and most importantly the customer service. Bullseye has a great team involved in research and education providing classes and technical resources. 

Each fused glass piece begins with sheet or accessory glass.  Once the design has been created it is fired in the kiln to a temperature of 1450 – 1480 degrees F.  
After the piece has cooled down further design elements may be added and fired again or the piece may be slumped in a mold to create the shape.
Kiln cast pieces require the creation of a mold or large void in which to place billet (thick blocks of glass) or frit (crushed glass).  
In many of my cast pieces, I like to create colors that flow and interact together so multiple firings are usually necessary to get the desired effect.
Each piece is then cold worked to finish off edges, create either a satin or polished finish or to enhance the piece with carving or other specialty finish. 
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