Darcy is an instructor/artist here at Dixon Creative, LLC. She attended Jacksonville State University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Wellness as well as studied minor courses in Child Development. Darcy has over ten years of working with children of all ages in many different types of settings. This experience ranges from daycares, fitness gym youth programs, summer camps and caring for one of 9 nieces and nephews. Summer camp is where she found a calling and passion for crafting. She contributes many of the friends and knowledge of various crafts through the people and counselors met through summer camps. Currently, she runs the studio Tuesday – Friday afternoons.

Instructor Statement: 
I’m thrilled to be able to share some of my creative spirit with all that come through our doors. My passion for the arts came from growing up going to summer camps, and returning as a counselor during high school and college. I love being able to express myself through artwork. I enjoy working with my hands to paint, braid friendship bracelets, sketch, or sometimes just be a little messy making a DIY project. When I’m not at the studio working on projects, you can usually find me around the basketball court or gym working on my wheelchair basketball game. Wheelchair basketball is an important area of my life because it allowed me to be introduced to the Dixons. I joined Jess playing at the high school level, and we became the best of friends. Our friendship grew into family as we tied the knot in our relationship in 2017, where I officially joined the Dixon crew and found our shared love for creating art through different mediums. 
While I enjoy getting kids out and moving, there’s a lot of needed development in fine motor and creativity skills. In today’s digital world, many youth find difficulty expressing themselves through the fine arts. Some may have not had many outlets to express themselves through activities like painting on a canvas, building with Legos, and creating art projects from their imagination. My mission is to help change that process in today’s youth. I may be new to the fused glass world, but Karen and Jess have shown me some amazing pieces through the years and I’m excited to be able to share this craft, as well as some youth projects with our customers that will hopefully also become our extended creative family. 
-Darcy Dixon

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