Meet Jess. Jess is the man behind the curtain when it comes to this site and all things tech at Dixon Creative, LLC. He loves working with computers and technology. His passion is computer programming and web design. After high school, Jess joined his mom traveling to shows to sell her glass artwork. He enjoys helping introduce new technology to help sales go smoothly and for Karen to be able to showcase her products.

Management Statement: 

My passion for technology is how much it helps with accessibility in today’s world. Having Cerebral Palsy, it can sometimes be difficult to perform fine motor tasks, and there’s so much technology that aids with these tasks. When I’m not working on I.T. projects, you’ll probably see me around the studio helping out. 

I’ve always been interested in my mom’s work and she even helped me design and make a special necklace for my girlfriend (now wife), Darcy. Although the 5am wake up call to set up for shows wasn’t fun, the fun came with exploring other artist creations and swapping stories about what goes into creating them. I have a collection of Katana Swords and love collecting video game memorabilia. In my spare time, I enjoy playing games like Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, or playing Sword Art Online. I also enjoy playing World of Warcraft. I share this love of games with my wife, especially when she challenges me to a game of Mario Kart. (We won’t get into who wins more games). 

Darcy and I first connected as best friends on the basketball court during high school. We stayed connected through her college years, where she played for another team. A few years later, I knew I wanted Darcy to always be by my side, and asked her to marry me. Over the last couple of years, we’ve grown through our love for basketball, video games and most recently rescuing our 2 year old German Shar Pei, named Buddy. I’m excited to share this passion with everyone and encourage one and all to come and learn more about the glass work and classes we offer.

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